Thank you for visiting our web. Undoubtedly Vd. wants to know us and for it, allow us some puntualizaciones on us. INGEMARK, is a company specialized in hydraulic engineer, whose origins are in the year 1970, soon we will reach our 50 anniversary.

The name of our trade name is the contraction of the words engineering and marketing, because we make groups hidroneumáticos to pressure, so much sanitary as counter
fires, without limitation overhead and down any version or regulation (Spanish woman, European, American, etc …) and we complete our offer with the products of the manufacturers, lead worldwide of electrical engines and diesel, bombs of all the characteristics and powers, electronic components, electrical equipment, generators, cupboards of maneuver, incidental, etc … that constitute a powerful managerial group of which INGEMARK forms a part for his speciality in equipments of pressure that we make for the GROUP, and destined for the mainland and various countries of America, Africa and Europe.

Our managerial success, consequence of the professionalism, delivery and vocation of our human equipment and rests, fundamentally, on the following tripod.

Technique we are to his disposition couple to collaborate with Vds. in any hydraulic problem that has to good of submitting to our consideration, they us put e-mail with information of the installation ó exposed in the memory or project and we will spend the corresponding technical – economic study to him and  in accordance with current regulations and requested by you. Colaboramos en las ingenierias y estudios de arquitectura más importantes y prestigiosos de todos los países donde estamos presentes.

We work in engineering and studies of most important and prestigious of all the countries where we are present architecture

Quality our teams enjoy great prestige nationally and internationally, and we have the confidence of developers, builders, installers, plumbing and fire, water networks, large domestic water supplies and sewage large installations.Whatever the location of this company will always be a Service Centre near you.

Price, It may surprise. The philosophy of the group is to be present on all the possible markets and to increase sales supporting an exact benefit. Our customers installing our works for money for the pumping equipment.

We strive to combine technical-quality-price in order to get BE THE BEST reality for our slogan: WE KNOW IS EXPECTING.