We have it structured so that in a sense it is as if we moved and Technical Department to its facilities and next to you.

Contact us by e-mail ( or fax (954/279798) and the attention of the Technical Department, providing us with the following information.:

  • Health groups for edification
    • Memory or project (if any) and / o actual plant data
    • Number of floors (including low commercial and basements, if any).
    • Number of housing supply.
    • The vivendas services.

  •  Groups for Public Works and / or Urbanizaciones    
    •  Memory or project (if any) and / or
    •  Number of housing supply.
    • Geometric distance from the lobby to the farthest and highest point.
    • If need any more information, we ask.

  NOTE: These groups do not have limitations above. Our motto is “a villa in a city.”

  • Special groups
    • Memory or project (if any).
    • Liquid to be pumped with all the data you can give us about it and working conditions.
    • Distance and dimensions.

NOTE: It is complex machines, which undoubtedly our Dpo. Technical data ask, in addition to by you Provided.

  • Pumping stations Pumps loose or both clean water and bilge, fecal and shredders.
    •  Memory or project (if any).
    • I l’quido to pump dimensions and distances

NOTE: We supply, in addition to the electro or pumps, the protection and control cabinets, electrical or electronically automated.

Diesel-powered pumps · Generators · Electric motors or diesel
Please indicate the actual data for its offer.

. SUMMARY: Received data listed above, you will receive urgently – by e-mail or fax – technical-economic offer with the corresponding features as requested