General sale terms

TERMS OF SALE (must be checked before to also find on our website)
1. The prices of these rates are subject to a discount should consult these conditions and are part
member of the order under signed and sealed technical and financial offer by the buyer being,
literally the only valid documents. Orders will be sent directly to INGEMARK by mail, email or fax. Any changes made by the purchaser shall be null and void.
2º.PRICE: be maintained if the supply is made in a maximum period of 30 days and for reasons attributable
purchaser and the date on which the notice of the machine to be sent. After the deadline
INGEMARK reserves the right to review, which will be communicated to the purchaser for approval. failure
Acceptance may require compensation for expenses incurred in the manufacture of the machine, which will be 30%
● it INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: ● Doors in the peninsula (free download). ● Packaging (if not special). ● insurance
● NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: no tax on the purchaser or dispatch for orders less than 300 €.
● View: ball bearings and boilers. For Islands, Ceuta and Melilla will be charged in the cold. 5%.
3º.DELIVERY TERM begin receiving the order and delivery will be made on the agreed date through
Code. possible time, for any reason, does not entitle to compensation.
4º.ANULATION OR MODIFICATION OF THE ORDER: cancellation implies a 30% compensation. The change will be evaluated, up or down, and will be the final price.
5º.DEVOLUTION AND DEMAND: INGEMARK should be exposed to its causes and if they are not accepted, the buyer will be obliged to comply fully with the agreement. The deadline will be 10 days of receipt. Resumed the material will be sent well packed and paid to our facilities in Camas (Sevilla). credit note to be deducted on your next invoice will be issued.
6º.PAY: it will be the agreement for acceptance of the offer technical, economic and if payment is deferred – that is on credit,
the buyer to receive the “salary” bank official book issued within 30 days from date of strengths
delivery notes, faithfully respecting the agreed payment period and always according to the law. Otherwise not involve
acceptance or payment of interest on the deferral to be fixed according to our banking conditions.

7º.CONDITIONS: Technical studies based INGEMARK groups and bombs on data provided by the customer, either direct or transcripts of the author of the project, and will manufacture and supply the same as them, declining any responsibility for errors, vagueness, ambiguity or distortion of data. Data are
they will meet in the technical offer – economic information submitted to and accepted and must be reviewed by the
buyer and, if necessary, ask for clarification before making the final order.
If for any reason the actual installation conditions were different and had to modify or replace the machine,
borne by the buyer of all type modification or replacement, to be offered as part
budget and prior acceptance of the buyer. INGEMARK can change the model of a piece of equipment, but
while respecting the fundamental characteristics of the flow, height and pressure. Technical specifications and curves
We provide have been taken to ensure that the flow, pressure head and gives respect, workshop testing and water flow
clean, soft and temperature not exceeding 21 ° / 25 ° C Certifications are based on these parameters are the same
descriptive, in principle, accepted in hydraulics, the range of ± 5% / 10%.
8º.RESPONSBILITY: never exceed the amount of the value of the delivered machine and in any case be
prescribe liability for any cause of damage or repair of any kind, or for actual losses or
estimated lost profits, delay in delivery (our deadlines are always approximate and rough) or because
at. INGEMARK – even involving their S.A.T.- not liable to third parties for any request
Failure to your customer the provisions on social security, health and hygiene at work, or lack
observation of established laws, or the installation and operation of equipment and components
beyond their control.
9º.WARRANTY: will be issued for food machinery (if you request fails) and largely covers all
a manufacturing defect, clearly demonstrated, and never problems arising from incorrect installation, bad
use third-party intervention. winding electric motors are not guaranteed as they can be derived or
burned by several external factors not related to a manufacturing defect causes.
10º.START UP, TESTING AND INCIDENTS: there are external technical support services, whatever their workplace and throughout the national territory. This S.A.T. (S) did not contain any supplement, if you subscribe to this service, we offer optional. They should contact our Technical Support Service, which organized the operation.
11º.JURISDICTION: Buyer or agree to submit to the courts of Seville, in any
I complaint against INGEMARK INGEMARK or against him. Expressly waiving any other.