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Lobbying for water health , we manufacture in Seville without limitation above. Our motto: “from a villa to a city” (General Catalog Page 29 to 30..)

Lobbying fire , which also manufacture in Seville, without limitation above and under any European or American rules -CEPREVEN, UNE 23500-90, 23500-2012 UNE, UNE 12845, NFPA20 ..-
(General Catalog. Pág.- 31 and 32)

Pumping stations for clean water (free shaft, starting camera and equipped with electric motors or diesel) can reach up endowments with a single pump 6,500 m³ / h and up to 180m)
(General Catalog. P. 12-19)

Pumping stations for sewage (single-channel, vortex, shredders …) can reach up endowments, with a single pump 4000 m³ / h.
(General Catalog. P. 20 to 24)

Cabinets protection and control automated electric and / or electronically. Whatever their degree of sophistication, significance or regulation made by certified electricians in our beds and facilities Santiponce (Sevilla).
(General Catalog. P. 54)

All bikes and electric pumps used in construction and irrigation.

Electric motors and diesel standardized to major powers.
(General Catalog. P. 41 and 47)

Generators up to 2,700 standard Kwa .
(General Catalog. P. 34-39)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want a catalog complete (in paper or pdf) of all our products, request by sending us an email to ingemark@hotmail.es

If you ask for a specific brand (the only thing they can demand is that of the bombs), we can pass on an offer with our bombs and the group equipped with pumps ordered. It is possible that our price, by the group, is cheaper than give them the manufacturer of the ordered bombs.


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  • Department. technical training : with hotel at our expense. Request dates, if you are interested.

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