Technical Assistance Service

We know that every machine, besides it’s quality, must have some sort of service that if necessary will act in it’s start up, as well as it’s tests and incidents.

Consequentially, we have these services around Spain but, since we sell to professionals, we recommend the following steps:

    • You must have a manual for the start-up, incidents, and possible breakdown and solutions. If you lack the manual, you will be able to ask for one and it will be delivered to you inmediately. With this manual you won’t have problems to start your machine up. WE INSIST THAT WE SELL TO PROFESSIONALS.
    • Currently we ship pdf, along with any documentation of each team, the manual above.
    • If, you were to have a problem, CONTACT BY PHONE with David BENÍTEZ (telf. 663-939305 / 954-392672) and, YOUR PROBLEM WILL GET SOLVED.
    • If despite the foregoing – previous steps that you will have to take -, be it necessary, ask for the presence of our technical service and you will have it without charge. We won’t hide that this is seen as a last messure solution, to prevent our costs and consequently our great prices to go up.
    • Currently we usually offer optional presence of our S.A.T in order not to increase the price of the machines for this item.